4 Tips to Write a Work Cited Page for Your Essay

Every time you write an essay you need to gather information from different sources. Whether you write a descriptive, analytical or critical essay, in the final part of your essay you will need to place a work cited page. This page offers information regarding the place you found the information you based your thesis on. Essay writing services recommend using one of those three styles of citing, MLA, APA or Chicago Style. Here are 4 tips you should take into consideration when writing a work cited page.

1.Write Down Your Sources

While writing your essay, if you use information from different sources, it’s better if you write them down. Unless you do that, you might forget the place you took the information from and forget to cite that source. When you start writing your work cited page you need to choose the style of citing MLA, APA or Chicago Style. For the online sources, you can insert their URL into citation apps and they will search your text for any citations you have from that source.


2.Arrange the Sources in an Alphabetical Order

Essay writing services like Essay Writing Lab usually use author’s last name as a reference when organizing the sources in an alphabetical order. Even so, due to the wide range of sources available on the internet, titles are often used as a reference when writing the work cited page.

3.Verify Your Work Using an Example

The different styles of citing like MLA, APA, or Chicago Style, can get you confused. Even if you use an online citing app, remember that it was created by a person, just like you. It might have done some mistakes while creating the algorithms for the app. Your work cited page might be messed up, you should revise it before sending it to your teacher.

Essay services use the best way to revise the work cited page. They take the sources page they have composed while creating your essay and an example of the citing style. If they’ve used Chicago Style, they print out a work cited page with that style and compare it with theirs. Apart from that they make sure all the sources are written correctly and that the name, title, and publication year of the sources are not misspelled.

4.Add Only the Sources You Have Used

In order to create a decent-size work cited page, students tend to add large amounts of sources, some of them not even used in the essay. This will distract the teacher’s. He might try to verify your sources and he’ll find out you didn’t use any information from a source or more. This will lead to losing points from your final grade.


The work cited page is an essential part of any essay because it showcases all the sources you’ve used. Creating an outstanding cited page can be the difference between having a good grade or an average one. By keeping in mind these 4 tips when creating your work cited page you won’t have any trouble in landing a top grade for your essay.