Cyber Defense Consulting to Protect Your Secret in Your Computer System

Cyber attack is all forms of actions, good thoughts and utterances conducted by many sides for any motifs and purposes attacking computer system and tools depending on the network technology in vital objects in military copes. To handle and protect your computer system from cyber attack, you should apply a cyber defense system. You may consult it to cyber defense consulting first.

What Is Cyber Defense Consulting?

Before implementing the cyber defense system, you can have discussion and consultation in cyber defense consulting. It is a key element offered to the friendly company which wants to get cyber defense ability. The management of acquisition program requires methodological knowledge. The support copes to different managing program phase requiring the application of specific cyber defense requirements. The design is needed a high level technical ability to anticipate and a series of management ability of conventional program.

The Services of Cyber Defense Consulting

Cyber defense consulting is a right consulting side with various cyber defense solutions to protect the company and side secret in computer system. The services of cyber defense consulting offer expert guidance for several phases. Firstly, it takes introduction study including CONOPS. Then, it arranges operational and technical requirement arrangement. The technical specifications and interface becomes the next service phase.

The next phases are offering analysis and supply choice. The project management and subcontractor control are the other phases in this cyber defense consulting. After you have fulfilled those steps, you can do testing, validation, qualification, and reception. The operational deployment is another phase in this cyber consulting. The analysis method is based on global interactive approach. It includes workshop session collaboratively. Platform of Battle Lab is used to facilitate conceptual representation and assimilating complexity system.

Electronic Warfare Training

Cyber defense consulting also handles electronic warfare training to protect this computer system. In the sector of electronic warfare offers technical training with strongly operational pressure. It is getting updated to balance the development of technology. This training is based on the close working performance with top experts from a defense group and major safety like Thales and Lacroix. Thales is working and cooperating to provide high quality training service and applies a catalog containing some training modules. Those are useful to protect computer system of company or individual strongly. This warfare training has been involved in electronic warfare training for staffs and operational unit in French working to a unit of combined forces. It is a specific sector being a key executor of modern operation in cyber system.