The Importance of OPT and CPT Programs for International Students

It is a very important question that every international student ask and the question is can they work while that can study in the USA? So the bet thing about it is that it is possible. Another thins associated with is there are some limitations as well. The international students in the USA are allowed to work off campus before completing their studies throughout their academic year. There are two very useful programs for them and they are OPT and CPT. We are going to discuss OPT and CPT in complete detail in this article and we will also discuss the difference between the two.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

There are many students in the USA who have an F-1 visa and with OPT it is possible for them to work temporarily for 12 months in the field related to their program. They are eligible for OPT if they have an F-1 visa and they have completed the first year of their studies. The best thing about OPT is that it can be done before and after completing your course. The important thing that should be remembered is that they can work only for one year. Another important thing that gives them more opportunity and extension of work is that all the students who have completed the degree in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology can work for 17 months and that is an advantage for them. From the beginning of May 2016 the students with a degree in these courses can apply for an extension as postgraduate extension OPT employment.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

CPT is a program that allows all the international students in the USA who have F-1 Visa to get practical training in the field they are studying. They can do paid and unpaid internships and it is the part of their established curriculum. CPT has to be completed before graduation and the student can choose a part time or full-time job with is 20 hours more and less a week respectively.

The Difference Between OPT and CPT

The time period is the major difference between the OPT and CPT. This makes you eligible for these programs and the type of work you can do. You can do OPT before or after completing the graduation but CPT must be completed before the completion of the degree. CPT is specific to your field of work but OPT is not.