Understanding College Marketing Basics to Attract College Students

Most marketers look at college students as a group capable of becoming loyal, long-term customers.

Here’s why….

College students are out of their teenage and at the threshold of adulthood. They have their own credit card, money to spend, individual choices and discretionary power to purchase. Therefore, college student spending is not restricted to chips, instant noodles and drinks. It has graduated to bigger purchases like a vacation, purchase of electronics and so on.

What’s more, this group will have a greater spending power in future as they turn from students to earners. This is why marketers and brands want to attract this demographic to create loyal customers.

Impressing College Students

It goes without saying that young minds are impressionable. However, college students are not easily impressed or impulsive like teenagers. It is therefore, important to study and understand this group closely to grab their attention successfully.

Here are some basics to garner the attention of this unique audience.

Utilize social media: College students are busy and rarely have the time and interest to spend on television. They are hooked to social media platforms like Facebook etc. Research states that students spend almost 56 hours interacting on social media. The study also reveals that 63 percent of students pay heed to online ads. Therefore, the key is to interact with students through social media, rather than television ads, radio ads or flyers.

Engaging: College students, unlike other target groups are not enticed by eye-catchy visuals and colorful ads. Engaging them with the product is a better way to reach them. So, focusing on content marketing rather than traditional marketing is the key.

For instance: Ask for their opinion on the product. Connect with them during the finals by wishing them.

Social Responsibility: Charity and community are gaining importance with college student marketing. Brands that give back to society earn brownie points with college students. So, communicate the brand’s contributions to society and community through the social media page.

Funny and Unique: College students are busy and running against time. Their attention span is short. Unless the message or ad is unique and funny, it will fail to grab their attention.

Freebies are always a hit: FREE is the most loved word of most students. Free t-shirts, cool drinks, snacks and more not only entice the students, but also pose an opportunity to test the product.

Events: Competition and winning keep the students’ adrenaline pumping. Conducting campus events, competitions and contests are a great way to garner the attention of college students.

The above basics clearly indicate the difference between the college demographic and other customer groups. Therefore, hiring a college marketing agency, which understands youth behavior, is advisable.

Community universities have been a principal of the college in the United States for many years. But the information of community universities and their learners are changing fast.

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