What Food Boosts Your Creativity?

Wondering if there is a way to eat your favorite food and boost your creativity at the same time? Check out here the whole list of these bites.

Food to Boost your Creative Skills like a Rocket

Keeping all that numbers, names and facts in our heads is not easy. Sometimes we may even get the feeling that our brain is drained out because of all that excessive studying. Especially when it comes to creative tasks – preparing a presentation, making a video or writing an essay. What if I tell you that simply eating certain foods may help you find inspiration and energy?



The first thing that comes to mind is chocolate. It is a well-known fact that a piece of dark chocolate before an exam will improve your performance. Is that so from the scientific point of view? A study conducted by researchers from Northumbria University (England) has proven that a special compound in chocolate called flavanol helps your brain to stay concentrated and perform highly complicated tasks much better. However, it does not mean the more the better. The whole chocolate cake may definitely please your taste buds, but it will not help increase your intellectual capacities. A small bite of dark chocolate will do the trick though.


A little bit unexpected point in this list, isn`t it? But good old H2O is the key to effective brain functioning.  The lack of water may cause serious damage not only to your thinking, but it can impair your physical health. The conclusion is simple: stay hydrated! When you are thirsty, your organ systems are distressed and your body turns on the survival mode. Water is the key for you to stay alive, so no wonder our brain can`t think about anything else except that vital substance.

Pumpkin Seeds

Did you throw these away after making Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween? Well, you shouldn`t have. It turns out eating pumpkin seeds boosts your creativity in the best way possible. It is not only a yummy snack, but also an effective fuel for your thinking cap. Those seeds are highly rich in zinc. It is an essential chemical element for memory, imagination, concentration and attention. It has also shown the capacity to work as an anti-depressant, so say a big “Yes” to pumpkin seeds.


The fattier the better. This rule works only for fish though. The trout and the salmon not only will challenge your cooking skills, but will also help you deal with that grueling home assignment. You should eat fish not less than two times a week in order to get your creative juices flowing. It is literally impossible to name all useful chemicals which are stored in salmon. So I just hope you will trust me on this one: fish is extremely good for your brain.



Not exactly a conventional way to boost your creativity. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not saying that if you want to write a good paper, you have to get wasted. Scientists suggest that a few glasses of wine will do no harm. What is more, light spirits may even help change the usual pattern of your thinking and get imagination pumped up. The out-of-the-box idea may occur right at the time when you are a bit high.

Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe and many other famous authors wrote their immortal creations accompanied by all sorts of alcoholic beverages. It has a rather dangerous side effect though. Practically all of them couldn`t write when being absolutely sober, so asking liquor for help each and every time you need to do something creative is a bad idea. Well, if you could not help it and got drunk a bit too much, then writers of https://crazyessay.com/write-my-essay can give a hand.

Is it safe to say: “Don`t knock it until you`ve tried it” in this case? Probably yes. At least now you know that all training at the college parties was not a complete waste of time. Again, this is just a mere suggestion based on scientific research. Don`t use this advice as the only way to make your creativity go on a daily basis. That way it will do more harm than good.

Something Absolutely New

Preparation to performing a creative task may be the best time to try on some new cuisine. Unusual taste, unfamiliar flavors and smells will give your stomach and brain all kinds of thrills. When it comes to smells, it is an especially powerful tool to boost your brain capacities. It brings up the memories and will help wake up your inner genius. Scottish haggis, Chinese chicken feet, Japanese tuna eyeballs or Cambodian fried spiders. All yummies from all over the world! Explore brand new smacks and be creative – it`s as easy as an apple pie.

Nowadays on the creative field there is a whole battle going on. Hundreds of thousands of youngsters want to show the world what they are capable of. Being more imaginative, inventive and even offbeat is the key to success in certain spheres of life. So, grab a couple of those snacks and may the creative force be with you.