What is ITIL, and What Can ITIL Certification Do for You?

ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the world’s most widely recognized IT service management framework and the gold standard for best practices in the industry. As adaptable as it is practical, the ITIL approach is currently employed by countless organizations in the public and private sector worldwide as a reliable means to mitigate risk, manage change and achieve sustainable growth.

The Process

The ITIL certification process comprises 5 categories of study, starting with ITIL Foundation, then progressing to Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert and Master levels. While the ITIL Foundation course may be of particular interest to IT professionals entering a workplace, which operates on the basis of the ITIL service standard, this introductory class has no prerequisites and is open to everyone.

At the program’s core is the ITIL Service Lifecycle, a process which includes the elements of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

ITIL Foundation training provides an overview of fundamental concepts and their potential real-world applications. A passing grade in this program must be achieved in order to advance to the next level of ITIL certification.

While not mandatory, the Practitioner session provides valuable insight for the management team seeking to implement an ITIL approach, laying the groundwork for effective communication, seamless collaboration and an efficient organizational structure.

The Intermediate level of study is divided into two parts: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. Recommended for IT technicians who have already gained practical experience in the field, these channels may be pursued exclusively or in combination depending on your intended specialization and desired outcome.

Expert level coursework is ideal for those IT professionals wishing to expand their knowledge of ITIL service management and achieve a thorough understanding of the framework as a whole.

Finally, those individuals wishing to pursue the Master level will have obtained ITIL Expert certification and a minimum 5 years of high level IT management experience. To successfully complete this program, the candidate must clearly demonstrate through case study an ability to apply advanced ITIL concepts, processes and strategies in the workplace.

Better Client Service, At Every Stage

What is ITIL if not a proven strategy for optimal customer service? When corporate practices are aligned with ITIL, the effect is positive change and a transition toward more efficient, effective communication, planning and service delivery. By implementing cost-effective processes and systems through which service disruptions can be reduced and their effects properly managed, business owners can minimize risk and maximize reward.

Prepare for Your Certification Exam with Accredited ITIL Foundation Training Online

ITIL may be the global standard, however not all ITIL training programs are alike. Thought Rock is pleased to deliver a licenced ITIL certification course which is fully accredited. As the provider of an ITIL curriculum consistently rated the best of its kind, Thought Rock has certified thousands of IT professionals in over 50 countries around the globe.

This interactive, online multi-media program, developed specifically to prepare you for the ITIL Foundation exam, typically takes approximately 26 hours to complete, however participants will have up to 6 months from the date of purchase to write the test.

Your 60-minute, closed book examination, administered by virtual connection to accrediting body APMG International, will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions. Since you may attempt the final anywhere in the world where you have access to high speed Internet, a webcam and minimum browser requirements, you have only to sign in with your Thought Rock exam voucher and present government-issued identification to begin. Your grade and a detailed marking scheme will be emailed to you immediately following the test; and, if you have achieved a passing grade of 65% or higher, you will also receive a digital certificate of achievement.

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