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Why Choose To Learn Italian as a Foreign Language

If you know you want to learn a foreign language but can’t quite decide which one is the best one, Italian is a perfectly great choice for a number of reasons. Before getting into the why, you might want to consider enrolling to an Italian language school in Florence. Nothing beats learning a language in a place where it is spoken predominantly. That aside, below is a few good reasons why you should consider picking up Italian as your foreign language of choice.

You Love Music or are A Musician

If you have gotten lost in Luciano Pavarotti, imagine the world of musical possibilities that could open up simply by learning Italian. Italian is synonymous with opera so this should be good enough reason to start an Italian language course. As a bonus, consider why the German native Mozart preferred to compose some of his best work in Italian. There is something about the language that simply lends itself to music.

You Are an Ancient History Buff

If Dante, Archimedes and Michelangelo excite your senses, Italian is definitely the foreign language you should be looking into. You cannot learn about ancient civilization without bringing in Italian literature, language, philosophy and archaeology. You can take your love for history to a higher and more exciting comprehension by learning Italian.

You Are of Italian Descent

If you can trace your roots back to the ‘old country’, you should definitely learn Italian. It doesn’t matter if your grand father on your mother’s side was half Italian. If you have even the slightest trace of Italian blood in you, it is your birth rite to speak the language and to speak it well. This goes extra if you have grandparents, cousins or other relations that you can converse with in Italian.

You are A Business Man

Made in Italy brand is high up there with Visa and Coca Cola. This isn’t just speculation but from an actual study by KPMG. Some of the most recognizable brands from Italy include Ferrari, Benetton, Armani and Lavazza just to mention a few. Most of the large companies including GE, Chrysler and IBM have offices in Italy. If you are looking to expand your business horizons, your Italian language skills can help you get your foot in the door to one of the top economies word wide.

You Want to Boost Your Brain

This goes for learning any foreign language but there is a bias towards Italian here. Simply learning a new language can improve your memory and increase your ability to solve problems. Learning a foreign language also helps with increased thinking and analytical skills. Italian is an intricate and beautiful language that isn’t too difficult to master even for a person who has never spoken a word of the Italian.

You Fancy Yourself a Romantic

French is often referred to as the language of love but it is not nearly as musical or beautiful as Italian. Italian is simple yet charming. Add on to it facial expression and hand gestures and you are a certified Casanova. Romeo and Juliet bring the point home.

If you are considering learning a foreign Language, Italian is definitely the way to go. You might want to consider learning it in Italy. Picking up the language will be much faster and far more practical since you will have a chance to practice your skills at every moment.